What To Eat During Restaurant Week, Part 4: Oyster House

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It’s that time again. Center City Restaurant Week is nearly upon us, and in order to help you, the loyal Foobooz readers, get the most bang for your buck, we’ve combed through all the menus being offered by the 100-plus restaurants participating this year and come up with a few ideal meals for you to consider. And today, we’ve got…

Oyster House: Most Popular Dishes

For Restaurant Week, Oyster House is going to be offering some of its most popular dishes across four courses. Dishes that are among the best of their renditions in the city.

First Course: It’s a tough call here, a bowl of hearty New England Clam Chowder or four oysters on the half-shell. If you’re still cold from the walk, the chowder is a great choice, otherwise get those oysters, after all, this isn’t Chowder House.

Second Course: Clams Casino or fried calamari. Calamari is pretty well played out at this point but the tomato jam and pickled long hots gives Oyster House’s version some juice. But we’re opting for the Clams Casino, if for no other reason than we passed up clams in the last course.

Third Course: Here, Oyster House is offering us two of their most popular dishes in the crab cake and lobster roll. Certainly can’t go wrong with either of those stalwarts but sometimes when we get the lobster roll, we house it so fast, we’re left staring at our empty plate and feeling a bit sad. So we’re going with the sautéed flounder. A good sized piece of fish with sweet potatoes and parsnips will keep us from staring at an empty plate three minutes after it lands in front of us.

Fourth Course: Bonus course, bonus course.  Just two options, a crème fraiche cheese cake with brown sugar roasted pineapple or chocolate bread pudding with vanilla ginger sauce. We’ve been on a ginger kick for about a year now, and chocolate is always a wise dessert choice. Chocolate bread pudding for the win.

Oyster House [Official Site]

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Photo by Karrisa Olsen