Foobooz Hot Dog Day, Part 2: This Might Just Be The Best Idea Ever

Okay, so the logo might not be up to the Hawk Krall standard set by Hot Diggity (discussed in our Hot Dog Day Part 1 post), but seriously? This might be one of the best drunk-food restaurant innovations of the as-yet-very-young year.

Set to open on January 28 on North Darlington Street in West Chester (according to West Chester Dish), Roll Dogz is a combination hot-dog-and-egg-roll operation with late-night weekend hours.

I’m gonna give you a minute to let that sink in…

Okay, so have you wrapped your head around the potential now? Two of the best-ever drunk foods–crispy fried egg rolls and tube-shaped meats–together in the same place? That’s just awesome. That is, potentially, one of the best ideas ever. I mean, we thought Solomonov was pretty clever with his donuts-and-fried-chicken mash-up at Federal Donuts. One of the best places I ever accidentally stumbled across while wandering around the Rocky Mountains in Colorado was a storefront joint that did nothing but barbecue and massive apple fritters, and I fell in love with that place on the spot. But this? With its customizable gourmet dogs, list of signature presentations and international egg roll offerings (Chinese, Vietnamese, cheesesteak, buffalo chicken, etc)? If pulled off well, Roll Dogz could be the answer to the prayers of all the professional drinkers in West Chester–the kind of place that will be like a late-night Mecca to the soused and sozzled.

And, I mean, sure. Sober people might even go there for lunch, too.

But whatever. I think this new, weird trend for squishing together two apparently unrelated foods into a single concept is fantastic, and I’m curious what you people out there would like to see in terms of restaurants going the mash-up route. Cheap steaks and boba tea (I knew a place that did that once. Loved it)? Cheeseburgers and samosas? Crazy Jay’s Dumpling and Cheez Fries Emporium (the Z makes it sexy…)?

Shout out your awful and/or wonderful ideas in the comments section. And who knows. Maybe one of you will inspire the next guy out there looking to get in on this racket.

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