Will Launches to the Top of the BYOB Scene

Photo by Felicia Perretti

Brian Freedman is the latest to dote on Will, Chris Kearse’s Passyunk Avenue BYOB. Freedman even goes as far as decreeing the new spot one of Philadelphia’s best BYOBs.

Those scallops wobble perfectly beneath their caramel-toned crown. Drag them through the “almond-milk” sauce and they’re taken to a different planet entirely—mouth-coating and delicate all at once. Fork them with a cloud of uni creme—like some kind of ocean-borne foie gras—and they turn into the mollusk equivalent of Ecstasy.

The pork belly appetizer could be the swine version of the drug. Like some kind of savory, thick-bacon candy bar, the belly was joined by a winter bean cassoulet that was actually a brilliant play on the classic stew. (Kearse’s ingenious, ringingly clear version involves a 12-hour sous vide braise of the beans.)

The Much-Anticipated Will, in East Passyunk, Joins the Top Echelon of BYOBs in Philly [Philadelphia Weekly]
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Photo by Felicia Perretti