The Foodery Coming to Roxborough

Sharing the limelight with Manayunk makes it pretty difficult for a town like Roxborough to get on the map, figuratively speaking. Sure, Manayunk is oozing with college bars and generalized douchery, but it also has its own brewery and beer-centric neighborhood haunts, making it, for most, more of a destination point than neighboring Roxborough.

On the other hand, Roxborough is a livable ‘hood with a small share of its own neighborhood staples (e.g. Dalessandro’s, Lenny’s Home Plate, and a few pubs dotted here and there). And now, the whole balance of boozy, culinary power in the region might be shifted with the announcement that Roxborough will be getting its very own Foodery.

The Foodery, with already two locations (one at 10th and Pine, and the other at 2nd and Poplar), has made quite the name for itself as the city’s premier craft beer boutique. With over 800 selections of local and imported brews, sandwiches, hoagies, snacks, chocolates and cheeses, there’s no lack of (non-liquid) calories to be had, either. And no reason why Roxborough shouldn’t get fired up for this new location at 6148 Ridge Avenue.

Except for one thing: Roxborough’s Foodery won’t be open till early next year, so there’s going to be a bit of a wait. But then this will also give residents plenty of time to design their first build-your-own-six-packs.

The Foodery [Official]