Digging on Swine at the Industry

Love of all things swine can almost be cliche these days and would be if pork weren’t so damned delicious. Brian Freedman finds the piggie offerings are  particularly lovable at the Industry in Pennsport.

Sometimes, when work and life and relationships get the best of me, it seems the only thing that will salve my wounds is the flesh of our swiney friend. At which times, I’d say, you can’t do much better than starting off at the Industry with a pint of beer—maybe a Lagunitas Daytime IPA—and a plate of Indian BBQ chicharrones. They arrive dusted a vivid shade of red; that’s the Madras curry powder amped up with smoked paprika and other secret spices, and it’s all the more visually stunning against the tan puffs of deep-fried pig skin that serve as both the spice’s base and its foil. The combination of the two is perfect, and even better with a nicely hopped brew to start things off.

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