Now Open: 15th Street’s Tietra, Not Titra

Way back in November 2011, Michael Klein told us that restaurateur Victor Fellus was hoping to open Mediterranean spot Titra in the base of 15th and Locust’s Aria condominiums. But there was a misspelling of the name on a sign, which led to suppliers misspelling the name on invoices, as Klein later reported, and so the restaurant is now called Tietra, which is a much better name, anyway. It opened on Tuesday.

The two-story restaurant has a clubby vibe, with unusually flirty lady bartenders who called me “cutie”, “sweetie” and “honey pie” when I dined at the bar there last night. I can assure you that I am none of those things. They labeled me “SUIT GUY”, as I discovered when I got my check at the end of the night.

I could do without the “blooming hibiscus flower” that was placed in my friend’s cocktail, and I really do long for the days when a bottle of Yuengling cost three dollars, not five. But the food was better than I expected. After all, this is from the guy behind Pub & Grub on Hamilton Street and Mix Brick Oven Pizza over at 21st and Chestnut.

Although the bartenders were adamant that the $10 burger was “awesome”, I decided on an all-seafood meal. We tried fried calamari with slivers of hot peppers (above average), mussels in red sauce (decent), and pasta with shrimp and asparagus (good and, thankfully, not of the “you’ll have leftovers” portion size).

Nothing fabulous or creative going on here, but seems like a worthy place for a quick dinner before a show at the Kimmel Center or nearby theaters. Or if you just need to flirt with cute girls while watching soccer on TV. (Fellus is a big fan, and the game was on the entire time).

Total pre-tip check including one drink each and a large bottle of Fiji: $65. And yes, I tipped 25%. It’s not often I’m called sweetie.

Tietra, 231 South 15th Street, Philadelphia, (267) 687-2237.