Spencer’s Burgers Are All About the Toppings

Brian Freedman took a trip on over to Drexel‘s campus to check out Spencer ETA Burger, brought to campus by the team behind Sabrina’s (the brunch spot’s West Philly locale is in the same building). What he found there was “drunk-food par excellence” and patties with scene-stealing toppers that’ll make the biggest carnivore love Spencer’s veggie burgers.

The homemade toppings here take center stage, not just over the meatless burgers but over the beef as well. The meat is fine, mind you—plenty juicy and seasoned with a deft hand—but the toppings tend to be so generously applied, and occasionally so baroque in their constituent combination of components, they simply steal the proverbial show.

The Toppings Are What Stand Out At Spencer ETA Burger [Philadelphia Weekly]
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Photo by Felicia Perretti.