UPDATED: Free VIP Tickets To Feastival, But Only For The Very Clever, And Discounted Prices For The Rest Of You

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Okay ladies and gentlemen, here’s the deal. A couple days ago, we had a nice little ticket giveaway for a couple seats at one of our Open Stove Nights at COOK. And frankly, giving stuff away to you, the loyal Foobooz community, felt pretty good. So now we’re doing it again, and this time the prize is even bigger.

What we’re offering is a pair of VIP tickets to this year’s Feastival (happening on Wednesday, September 12). The tickets regularly go for $350 and include early entrance to the event, a private chef’s demo, an auction preview and exclusive bar service (which is probably the most valuable perk of all), and all you have to do to get them is be the first to identify those six pictures up there.

There are, of course, a couple little rules…

(Click through the link for the update and the first round of clues)

Rule #1: All answers must be given in the comments section. Yes, this means that you might get five right and one wrong and give away all that hard work and research to the competition, but life is tough. Suck it up and carry on.

Rule #2: You must name BOTH the dish and where it was served. All the snaps have run, in some form or another, on Foobooz or in Philly mag, and all the information you need is available…somewhere. Consider it a visual scavenger hunt. The important thing is, you have to get ALL the information right in order to win.

Rule #3: Enter as often as you like, but use a real email address because we’re going to use that to get in touch with the winner. Also, you’ve got to be 21 or over to win (sorry, kids…).

So that’s that. Name the dish, name the place and you’re golden. But for those of you out there who just can’t figure it out (or who don’t want to spend hours poring over back issues of Philadelphia magazine), there is a consolation prize. Today only, Foobooz fans will get to take 20% off both VIP and GA tickets to Feastival by using the promo code “Foobooz20”. Just go to the Feastival site, enter the code and POOF–like magic, you’ve saved a bunch of pesos, just because we love you.

Good luck…

UPDATE: Okay, so it looks like this is proving a bit more challenging for you folks than we’d originally thought. I mean, it’s a $700 prize. You didn’t think we were going to make it easy, did you?

But here’s what I’ll do to help. First, I’m going to offer some clues that might make it a bit easier to hunt down these photos.

#1 comes from the Foobooz flickr pool–which I’m guessing most of you didn’t even know we have…

#2 is a brilliant dish from one of our Open Stove Nights

#3 is just plain delicious

#4 needed some grammatical correction

#5 is served in a place that is better known for its vegetables

#6 comes from a chef with a great first name

Second, I’ll let you know that the first (and so far only) guess is correct. Now you’ve only got 5 more to figure out.

So get at it, folks. And don’t forget that 20% off deal if you’re feeling lazy.


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