Yanako in Manayunk Now Has Lunch

Yanako, the new restaurant by chef Moon Krapugthong, recently opened in Manyaunk and began serving lunch this week. Tuesdays through Sundays from 12 to 3 p.m. Yanako will serve soups, salads, entrees, and noodle dishes along with traditional Bento box lunches and sushi lunch specials. Read on for the full menu.


Ohitashi 6
Blanched spinach served in bonito sauce
Agedashi Tofu 7
fried tofu, sweet dashi sauce, grated fresh ginger and white radish
Gyoza 7
pan-seared dumplings served with sesame oil and a light soy vinaigrette
Negimayaki 11
pan-seared scallions wrapped with thinly-sliced NY strip steak and topped with teriyaki sauce
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura 12
Lightly breaded and friend shrimp and assorted vegetables served with housemade tempura sauce
Sunomono Mix 9
King crab, octopus, eel, whitefish, sweet vinaigrette, cucumber, seaweed & pickled radish


Miso 2
tofu, seaweed and finely cut scallions in dashi stock
Osumashi 2
Fresh shiitake mushrooms and scallions in clear bonito broth


Avocado 9
thick slices of avocado and romaine hearts in a traditional ginger dressing
Tofu 7
tofu tossed with radish, carrots, radish spouts and cucumber in a yuzu dressing
Seafood 13
Varieties of seafood served with wakame seaweed and shaved daikon, lightly dressed in a soy vinaigrette


Donburi Rice
A traditional Japanese dish with your choice of meat cooked in savory sauce and served over a bed of seasoned rice
Yakitori Don 8
Grilled teriyaki chicken
Oyako Don 9
chicken cooked with eggs and onions, topped
with scallions
Ten don 10
shrimp tempura
Gyudon 12
Beef cooked in our housemade sauce
Unaju 17
Broiled eel with sweet eel sauce

thick wheat-flour noodles in a delicate mix of bonito broth, light dashi, soy sauce and mirin
Tempura 8
shrimp tempura and scallions
Nabeyaki udon 11
shrimp tempura, fish cake, egg, nori, scallions and sliced shiitake mushrooms
thin buckwheat noodles in bonito broth, seasoned with dark soy sauce and mirin
Sansai 9
served with assorted mountain vegetables
Tempura 12
served with shrimp tempura

Bento Boxes
A complete and traditional Japanese-style meal, featuring a box with multiple compartments, which contain pickled vegetables, vegetable and shrimp tempura, assorted sashimi, tuna maki, steamed and fried small dishes and a dessert of the day
Nami 12
choice of chicken or salmon teriyaki
Tokujo 15
Beef teriyaki (7-oz. NY strip)

Special Sushi Lunch

come with miso soup
Sushi Lunch 15
5 pieces of sushi and a california roll
Sashimi Lunch 15
7 pieces of sashimi and a bowl of rice
Maki Combo Lunch 15
spicy tuna roll and california roll


White rice 2
Brown rice 2
Sliced avocado 3
Steamed edamame 3
Garden salad with ginger dressing 5


Ice cream 6
red bean or green tea
Yakan 7
purée of kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) and sweet potato topped with sweet black beans


Assorted sodas 2
Oolong tea or coffee 2
Sparkling water 3/6
Coconut drink 3

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Yanako [Official Site]