Hop Sing Moves to Regular Hours

At Hop Sing Laundromat nothing is ever…simple. Not the space, not the rules or dress code, not the run-up to the opening, not the cocktails and certainly not the schedule. After months of will-he/won’t-he dithering about the opening date, one-name-wonder Lêe finally opened the cocktail bar to breathless fanfare (and plenty of grumbling) on May 25, but even then it was a kind of preview opening–with cheap drinks, sure (every cocktail in the house, $10 flat), but only an extended-weekend schedule on Thursday, Friday and Saturday services.

Well now that’s all going to change.

Starting this Thursday, Hop Sing will be moving to a regular schedule which will run Tuesday through Sunday, with slightly shortened hours on Saturdays and Sundays (the doors will open at 6pm). What’s more, Lêe has decided that even though he now has his fancy-pantsy custom POS system up and running behind the bar, he’s going to be keeping drink prices at their $10 level through the end of the summer (though now it will be $10 plus tax). Come fall, he’s looking at raising prices slightly–to $12 plus tax across the board–but considering the strength of Hop Sing’s drinks and the provenance of the liquors being used, that’ll still be a bargain.

Lêe also promises that now that he has his staff trained on the POS, he’ll be turning his attention to training his shoe-shiners (something that’s been missing from Hop Sing thus far), may begin (finally) looking at that menu of Chinatown takeout he’s been talking about since forever, and still has some surprises in store. “You just wait,” he told me when we talked last night. “I won’t tell you about it now, but just wait…”

That, if nothing else, is something that we’ve all become accustomed to hearing at Hop Sing. But I can’t say the wait hasn’t been worth it.

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