So You Think You Can Work That Wiener?

Listen up all you tubesteak enthusiasts out there. You think you have a hot dog design that can stand up proudly against those served at Hot Diggity? Then it’s time to show ’em what you got because the South Street wiener emporium is holding their first-ever hot dog cook-off during which you–the dog-loving public–get to compete for a spot of honor on the Hot Diggity menu.

You want details? Oh, we have details…

Hot Dog Cook-Off at Hot Diggity

When: July 22nd

Where: Hot Diggity (630 South Street) as part of their Dog Days of Summer event

How: Think of an awesome dog. Describe said awesomeness in an email to owner Keith Garabedian ( Cross your fingers that you get one of the 15 competitor’s slots for this year’s contest.

The theme for this year’s competition is (according to the Hot Diggity Facebook page), “a refreshing hot dog” that’ll cool you down during the hot summer months. And while that may seem a bit strange (really? A “refreshing” hot dog?), that’s your problem to solve. For the actual competition, Hot Diggity will be providing the dogs (all-beef Sabbretts) and the buns (custom dog-cozies from Liscio’s), and if you are one of the Chosen, all you’ll have to supply are your genius–and, of course, the fresh ingredients necessary for the construction of your special dog.

Hot Diggity has a panel of esteemed hot dog experts lined up to judge the offerings (including Hawk Krall, Holly Moore, Scott Schroeder and Garabedian himself), and is laying out prizes for the best of the bunch. So what are you waiting for, my little tubesteak aficionados? Put those thinking caps on and get your best hot dog designs into Garabedian’s hands, like, now. Because who knows? Maybe yours will be the one champion dog that will make it all the way to the menu.

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