Underdogs Headed For South Philly

Hot dogs in Philly? They’re totally a thing now–with dedicated shops opening around town and fancy-pants chefs adding them to their menus for a bit of the common touch. And all of this is great news because if there’s anything we love here at Foobooz World HQ, it’s being given the opportunity to make more wiener jokes.

But do you know what else is great? The news, courtesy of the Insider, that Underdogs–the 17th and Sansom gathering place for underground tubesteak enthusiasts–is making a fast expansion into South Philly. The new lease has been signed for a space at 1205 South 9th Street (just spitting distance from Pat’s and Geno’s), the menu will be the same, and the Underdogs crew is hoping for a September opening.

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