Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Hop Sing Opening! Inside Le Bec-Fin! New Federal Donuts! And More Exclamation Points Than You Can Stand!

Scandal! Death! Weddings! Long-awaited openings! This week at Foobooz HQ played out like a grubnik’s telenovella with news and shocking twists coming in from some of the biggest names in the city.

But at the same time, I get it… You’re already halfway out the door, on your way to the Shore, the nearest bar, whatever. It’s a holiday weekend, after all. But for those few of you who find yourselves with a few minutes to kill (or who are stuck at your desks watching the clock), here’s a perfect way to spend that time: Checking in on some of the big stories you might’ve missed in the frantic run-up to the Memorial Day holiday.

Something’s Fishy At Fish Locked doors and rumors of Bad Things Happening…
First Look At The New Le Bec-Fin A sneaky shot of the interior-in-progress
Jen Carroll, Live In Love Park The Top Chef roadshow is coming to town
Ralph’s Is Now America’s Oldest Italian Restaurant Here’s how it happened
New Federal Donuts Coming To Center City This is close enough to the office that I’m thinking of moving in
Philly Beer Week VIP Passes Now On Sale And going fast
Morgan’s Pier Opens For Memorial Day And we have a Tale of the Tape
How The Night Market Got So Cool The secret? Not telling anyone
Hammer Of Glory Route Revealed Roller Girls! Occupiers! And more weirdness than anyone can handle sober
Hop Sing Laundromat Opens Tonight Screw the haters, this is going to be HUGE

Have a great weekend, everyone. See you all back here on Tuesday.