Tom Selleck Finds Out About Iron Hill Brew Named After Mustache

Yesterday morning Preston & Steve of 93.3 WMMR had the opportunity to interview Tom Selleck of Magnum, P.I. fame about his upcoming TV movie. During the interview Preston & Steve, both big fans of award winning Iron Hill Brewery, had the chance to inform Selleck about the beer made by the North Wales Iron Hill named “Tom Selleck’s Mustache.”

The beer is a Black Cherry Stout created in 2009 by Vince Desrosiers, head brewer at the North Wales location. Selleck seemed pleased by the news and good-naturedly replied to description with “There is no cherry flavor in my mustache.”

Vince Desrosiers had his own response to this news, saying “Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Tom Selleck would be talking about a beer we named after his mustache. So awesome.”

If Selleck wants to drink the beer inspired by his very own mustache Iron Hill may have a celebrity sighting in its future.

Iron Hill North Wales [Official Site]