Rum Cocktail Recipes: Rumor Wins At Rittenhouse Spring Fest Preview


Last Thursday was the fancy-pantsy Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival Preview Party, held in the Grand Ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton. There was plenty of food, booze and amusements for the well-heeled swells who attended, but at the center of it all was the official Foobooz-sanctioned Captain Morgan Black cocktail competition–which we sanctioned mostly because it was a good excuse for everyone to drink a little rum get all pirate-y for a night.

The challenge was thus: To create an original cocktail using Captain Morgan spiced rum as a primary ingredient. And bartenders from all over the city rose to the task. After the jump, check out a few of the rum cocktail recipes–including the one for the winning drink: The Captain Rumorita, courtesy of bartender Scott Innes of Rumor.

But first, here are a few of the other uses for your pirate juice.


Drink name: Alfa Punch Buggy Black

Bartender name: George Donahue


·     Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

·     Muddled Tangelo segments and 2 pieces of Pineapple

·     fresh squeezed lemon

·     dash simple syrup

·     topped off with San Pellegrino Pompello (Grapefruit)

Served in a rocks glass


Drink name: Strawberry Swizzle

Bartender name: Samantha Marzullo


·     Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

·     Fresh muddled strawberries

·     Lime juice

·     Simple syrup

·     Ginger ale

·     Strawberry garnish

Served in a rocks glass with a salted rim


Drink name: Sweet & Spice

Bartender name: Mark Yanga


·     Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

·     Lime juice

·     Simple syrup

·     Perfect Puree Sweet Ginger Puree

·     Sixpoint Sweet Action Ale

·     Lime wheel garnish

Served in a Collins glass with a lime wheel garnish


Drink name: Captain’s Castaway

Bartender name: Richard Millichap


.     Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

.     Lime juice

.     Sugar syrup

Served in a highball glass


Drink name: Sailor’s Warning

Bartender name: Jon Borror


·     Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

·     Grapefruit juice

·     Lime juice

·     Orange juice

·     Honey syrup

·     House made Falernum syrup

·     Absinthe

·     Finish with Lemon Hart 151

Served in a highball glass


And finally, this year’s winning drink:


Drink name: Captain Rumorita

Bartender name: Scott Innes


·     Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

·     Cointreau

·     Fresh lime juice

·     Sour mix

·     Splash of cranberry juice

·     Splash of sprite

Served up, in a martini glass