Coming Soon: Questlove’s Red Velvet Cupcakes

Earlier this week, I interviewed Roots drummer Questlove about a little bit of everything, from the Tupac hologram (later exposed as a non-hologram sham) and why he paid $59.99 to use the toilet at Best Western to the future of the Philadelphia Orchestra and how Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring relates to Public Enemy.

But we also talked about food, most notably why it’s okay for him to sell fried chicken (everyone who’s tried his rarely available Drumsticks says that they’re awesome) when Mary J. Blige gets called out for shilling for Burger King’s Chicken Snack Wrap.

“To be honest with you, I’m not just in the business to sell the chicken,” he told me. “I’m trying to come up with my own food brand, but I had to start as the little train that could. I’m going to organize a food corporation in which I can brand all types of foods. Next up are red velvet cupcakes. The Drumsticks seemed like an easier, no-brainer marketing plan than, say, corn on the cob, or some sort of dessert, or kale. My kale is way better than my chicken. But really, it’s a Monopoly game where right now I’m on Mediterranean Avenue with Drumsticks, and for me to get to Boardwalk, it’s going to take some time.”

No official word on where or when the cupcakes will be available, though something tells me they’ll make an appearance at this year’s Roots Picnic.