Sneak Preview: May At Cook

Yes, it’s that time again, folks. Time for you wise Foobooz readers to get your sneak peek at the upcoming class schedule at Cook. Registration for May classes will start tomorrow (Friday) at 2pm, and as those of you who’ve already been through this process a couple times know, the best classes sell out fast.

Which is why we want you to be ready right when the gun goes off. And in order to be ready, you need to know what you’re looking for–so you can go straight to the dates you want and go clickety-clickety faster than all your other, less-well-informed food nerds.

So, without further ado, may I present the best of May’s schedule at Cook…

May Schedule at Cook: The Highlights

First things first, Foobooz has two night’s worth of action happening at Cook in May. The first is a kind of Championship Round of our new Open Stove Night program, pitting George Sabatino of Stateside against Ben Puchowitz of Matyson in a no-holds-barred culinary deathmatch and first-ever Cook Smackdown. They’re going to be up there, side-by-side, battling it out for love and honor, while you–the cheering crowds–get to decide who wins and who loses. And because I know that we have a few surprises in store for the two of them, I can confidently say that this night is going to be awesome.

The second Foobooz night? Our next Neighborhood Pop-up. For those of you who have been to some of our previous Neighborhood Pop-Ups, you know how this works–they’re one-night-only events where we bring in several chefs all working in the same neighborhood and make them cook delicious food, talk about themselves, mock their fellow chefs, tell long, drunken, rambling stories and generally just act like the brilliant, hilarious lushes that they are. Meanwhile, everyone in the crowd gets stuffed with food and treats, plied with rivers of booze and hangs out at what is basically the coolest dinner party in town.

May’s party is focusing on the South Street East neighborhood. And while I can’t yet tell you exactly what chefs and restaurants are going to be represented, just pull up a map and take a look at the places we have to choose from. It’s going to be a great night and the tickets are going to go quickly.

So what else has Cook got on tap for the month? How ’bout Sylva Senat from Tashan doing modern Indian cuisine on Tuesday the 1st? Or Janet Crandall of Wyebrook Farm coming in on Wednesday the 9th to teach a class on whole hog butchery? Pascual Canceilliere of 943 will be in on the 15th doing a traditional Argentine feast, followed by Dan Tang from Sugar Philly making macaroons on the 19th and Monica Glass doing more desserts (of the brain-freezing variety) on Sunday the 27th.

Finally, the month ends as big as it began with Chip Roman from Mica coming in on the 31st to do a class on Modern American cuisine–a killer way to usher in summer in Philly.

As I said above, these classes go live tomorrow at 2pm, so be there, be waiting, and be fast. And hopefully we’ll see you all at Cook.

Cook [Official website]

Class registration [Cook]