Menu For The 2012 Chef Invitational Duck Dinner at Bistrot La Minette

See that picture? That’s some of the best chefs in the city of Philadelphia acting the way chefs do when they either have a couple of bottles in them, or have all gotten together for some kind of diversion that only they truly understand and appreciate.

When it is the former, pictures don’t generally make their way out to the press. (Also, there’s usually at least one person not wearing any pants.) In the case of the latter, what comes of such gatherings is often funny stories, lots of good will and a killer dinner served to select members of the public smart enough to know a good thing coming when they see it.

In this case, what the above snap (of last year’s team) is celebrating is the 2012 version of the Bistrot La Minette collaborative duck dinner–a “Chef Invitational” being held on April 3rd at the aforementioned Bistrot, where 7 great chefs (plus one great sommelier) will gather to cook a dinner where every course focuses on duck.

But before you get to thinking that this is just another silly special event dinner (of the sort that seem to be popping up every other weekend these days), you’ve got to check out the menu. And of course, Foobooz can provide…

April 3rd, 2012 Chef Invitational Duck Dinner

Peter Woolsey
Bistrot La Minette
hors d’œuvres
assiette Landaise on a stick
fried duck confit raviolis, foie gras sauce
Gaillac Blanc, Domaine Philémon, “Perlé”, Gaillac, 2009

Mike Solomonov
chopped duck liver, pumpernickel
Vin Mousseux, Touraine Rosé, “Cuvée JM”, Monmousseau, Touraine, Loire, NV

Terence Feury
Glazed duck ballontine with pistachios, baby carrots, daylily bulbs
Loupiac, Chateau Loupiac Gaudiet, Loupiac, Bordeaux, 2007

John Taus
The Corner
duck Scotch egg, burnt bread, duck gravy
Pinot Gris Grand Cru Hengst, Albert Mann, Alsace, 2008

Pierre Calmels
duck pithivier, with foie gras and black truffle, red wine duck sauce
Morgon, Marcel Lapierre, Beaujolais, 2010

David Katz
black vinegar glazed duck breast, black trumpets, black rice puree, black garlic duck jus
Crozes Hermitage Classique, Yann Chave, Rhône, 2009

Monica Glass
Duck sticky buns, smoked maple filling, duck fat glaze, slated crispy candied cracklins, bourbon ice cream
Rivesaltes, Domaine de Bila Haut, Languedoc Roussillon, 1999

Guest Sommelier
Scott Turnbull
The Fountain

Yeah, for starters, I would pay honest American dollars just to see Monica Glass make duck buns and candied cracklins. And would do it with a smile when you add in the foie and black truffles from Bibou, anything on a stick and David Katz’s black-on-black (on black, on black) presentation to boot. And what makes the whole thing even sweeter? 30% of the proceeds for the night are being donated to Puentes de Salud which, if you don’t know about them, are a very worthy cause. Look ’em up.

Anyway, here are the particulars:

When: April 3rd, 2012
Where: Bistrot La Minette at 623 South 6th Street
How Much: $110 per person, including wine

For more information (and reservations) contact the restaurant