Help I’m Going to the Philadelphia Flower Show and I’ll Need to Eat

So, you’re going to the Philadelphia Flower Show. Even if you’re more comfortable around flour than a flower, we’re here to help you out. Visiting in-laws, picky eaters, really thirsty for a beer — you’re all going to have to eat and we’ve got food and drink suggestions for you.

No way around it, I’m going into the show. Is there anything worth eating inside the Flower Show?

The Flower Show offers a real taste of Hawaii with a 64-seat Hawaiian themed restaurant. The show also offers culinary demonstrations, garden tea and wine and spirits samplings plus a store. If you’re a Top Chef fan get there on March 4th or 5th and check out Edward Lee.

Looking at all those flowers sure makes me hungry, hungry for Hawaii. Got any suggestions?

City Food Tour’s Flower Show Food Tour is right for you. You’ll sample exotic tea, eat Hawaiian chocolate, munch on Mahi Mahi fish tacos and wash it all down with a Mai Tai.

My parents, aunts, uncles and cousins are all coming in via the train for the Flower Show. After a torturous walk around the show I’ve been charged with choosing a dinner acceptable to my Colmar-based relatives who hate everything. Help me, Foobooz!

Everyone loves Vietnam. The Chinatown restaurant deals gracefully with large groups, has a huge menu with something for even the pickiest eaters, and for you there is the Scorpion Bowl.

I’m an adventurous eater, what’s a good place in Chinatown for me to try?

If you’re okay with a hole-in-the wall, we recommend the soup dumplings at Dim Sum Garden.Or order out of the butcher case at Ting Wong, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m going to the Reading Terminal Market, what should I know?

It’s going to the Reading Terminal Market know it will be crowded. But that’s something you have to deal with, not the vendors. They’re used to the crowds and will being able to keep up. If you haven’t been for awhile, don’t panic, DiNic’s isn’t gone, the famous roast pork and roast beef stall has moved to a bigger spot with more seating.

I like beer and I’m planning to sneak away the first moment I can. Where can I hide with a beer while my significant other looks at floral displays?

Check out the new Molly Malloy’s at the center of the Reading Terminal Market. Try a Limited Edition Engine 1892 Market Stout.