Scandal! Sheehan (Falsely) Accused Of Bribing Waiter 4 Years Ago!

Oh, the things that pass for news…

Yesterday, Eater’s Denver office posted an interview in their “The Gatekeepers” section with Paul Attardi, a floorman and partner at the restaurant Fruition. In it, Attardi alleged that, while working as an anonymous critic for Westword newspaper, I tried to bribe one of his servers for a table by offering him $50 while he was out back having a smoke. It wasn’t true, but because it contained the words “critic” and “bribe,” the story has since taken off.

To be clear, I didn’t do it. I’m just not that kind of guy. And frankly, anyone who knows me knows that if I had fifty bucks in my pocket, I would’ve spent it on whiskey and salami sandwiches, not on trying to grease some waiter.

Anyway, for those of you truly interested in something I didn’t do four years ago, my former boss posted a rousing defense and rebuttal (with quotes from me) out in Denver.

For the rest of you who couldn’t care less, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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