The Cheat Sheet: Brunch at Kraftwork

Over at Be Well Philly, the calorie police have taken aim at brunch, this time telling you how to get through an early weekend meal at Kraftwork without busting out of your jeggings. Dig it:

It’s so easy to overdo it at brunch. Think about it: It’s not the kind of meal you eat everyday, so when you do, your brain sits there and hollers, “Pancakes! French toast! Extra syrup! Splurge, splurge, splurge!”

Actually, my brain sits there and hollers for french toast and extra syrup pretty much every day. And there aren’t many food items that I don’t believe would be vastly improved by being wrapped in a pancake. But for those of you who actually give a damn about your health and waistlines, The Cheat Sheet has several suggestions (including huevos rancheros and a curried tofu scramble!) for ways to under-do it at Kraftwork’s brunch.

The Cheat Sheet [Be Well Philly]

Kraftwork [Official website]