Become a Tequila Master at Verdad

There are many boring things that one can go to school for. Communications, lawyerin’, heating and air conditioning repair, English lit. The way that many of us got through such youthful indiscretions as majoring in psychology, business administration or interpretive dance? By drinking. Now if there were only some way to just get a degree in the drinking part…

But wait, there is! Kinda. Beginning January 19th (and continuing every 3rd Thursday of the month for all of 2012), Verdad Restaurant & Tequila Bar in Bryn Mawr is offering “Tequila University” events which will pair a special tapas menu with tastings of various tequilas. The January 19th class, for example, is divided into 101, 201 and 301 levels, covering Siembra Azul blanco, reposado and anejo. Then, come February, course work will focus on Sauza Blue and Tres Generaciones tequilas, hosted by experts on said spirits.

Tuition is $35 per class. Classes start promptly at 7pm and are reservation-only. For every class you complete, you get a diploma naming you an expert in that particular tequila. Complete all 12 classes and Verdad will declare you a Master of Tequila Drinking and give you a special gift (hopefully more tequila).

Verdad Restaurant [Official website]