Dough Draws at Birra

With mac and cheese served in a bowl of pizza dough you might think Birra is just about the excess. Brian Freedman finds that isn’t the case, though the dough is the draw.

The dough is the real highlight, however, when used for its main purpose: as the base to Birra’s satisfying pizzas. There are more than a dozen of them here, ranging from the margherita, with its fresh mozzarella and cured tomatoes, to the puttanesca, which, though half a step too salty for me, was nonetheless a good-faith effort at recreating that piquant sauce. One slice was perfect, the salinity of the meaty white anchovies, capers and olive pesto softened by garlic pesto and mozzarella; two, however, would have required more beer to quench the resulting thirst than I wanted to drink.

South Philly’s Birra Takes Mac & Cheese to a Whole New Place: a Pizza-Dough Bowl [Philadelphia Weekly]
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