Carlino’s Has A Cookbook

Rustic Italian recipes are twined throughout the life story of Angela Carlino–matriarch of the Carlino clan who operate the eponymous Carlino’s Markets in Ardmore and West Chester. And now, those stories (and those recipes) are being made public with the publication of Wanna Taste?, a new cookbook.

Co-authored by her grandchildren, Angela and Nick Carlino, and Lisa Loeb (no, not that one), the book was released on November 4–Angela Carlino’s birthday. Hundreds of people packed the Ardmore store to attend a party being thrown to celebrate the publication, and to sample come of the book’s recipes. Coincidentally, Nov. 4 is also the day Grandma Carlino died, four years ago, on her 70th. It was also just a couple days after the family had opened the West Chester store (their second).

“It’s something she always wanted to do herself,” said Angela Carlino, granddaughter of said matriarch. “This will continue her legacy.”

Included in the book are Mama Carlino’s vintage Italian cookie and pastry recipes–the ones she started baking in her basement after emigrating to Ardmore in 1968. That’s how she got her start years ago. She moved on to selling her homemade, Old-World baked goods at local retail stores before opening Carlino’s with her family in the 1980’s.

Hungry yet? There’s also a Feast of the Seven Fishes recipe Mama Carlino made for her granddaughter’s wedding, and a kids classics section at the end. You know how those Italians love to spoil at the table.

In time for the holidays, Wanna Taste ($45) features more than 30 traditional Italian recipes and is currently available at both Carlino’s stores.

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