Opa Brings the Noise

Opa has potential but Trey Popp feels there needs to be better execution.

Zucchini chips, individually battered and fried, were an oregano-kissed wonder—executed with the kind of precision a Japanese tempura master would envy. Fried sweetbreads with a raisin-caper-almond relish and smoked eggplant puree could have come from a Michelin-starred restaurant in Athens. The whole roasted dorade? Simply perfect.

But there were just as many disappointments. Brown spices his pork souvlaki halfway to a Spanish chorizo with smoked paprika, yet it tastes kind of like a Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage. Roasted potatoes came wet and mushy. A striped bass fillet arrived overcooked, while a hamburger was undercooked, bloody and mealy.

One and a half stars – Fair to Good

Restaurant Review: Opa [Philadelphia Magazine]
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Photo by Courtney Apple