And The New Restaurant Logo Of The Week Award Goes To…

Yes, that’s a crown-topped gyro, which is fitting as this is on the marquee for the just-opened New York Gyro Place at 44th and Chestnut streets, a sit-down spot from the same people who operate the excellent $3 gyro-and-falafel food truck on the southeast corner of 20th and Market, not to be confused with the overpriced so-called “falafel Nazi” guy on the northeast corner.

Stopped by last night around 6:30 p.m., and the place was desolate, the employees all sitting around, which I soon realized was due to the fact that it’s still Ramadan for another few days. Duh. Somehow $26 bought plenty of tasty food for four (with some leftovers), including salads (the chick pea/onion mixture is highly recommended), a bunch of kabobs, falafel, rice, and yogurt.

Definitely worth checking out, though if you’re a fan of the more expensive Kabobeesh at 42nd and Chestnut, you’re going to sorely miss their fresh naan. One other gripe: What’s with the “New York”, guys? Still, another notch in the belt of our 2011 Best of Philly Underrated Food Neighborhood.