Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Donut Prostitutes, ?uestlove Cooks, Talula’s Garden, Beer and Shark Week

We know… It’s hard to focus on anything else now that Shark Week is here. But in addition to coming up with some pretty cool shark-related food events of our own, we here at Foobooz Headquarters have been busily keeping track of all the best restaurant news happening in (and around) Philly. And between the donut prostitutes in New Jersey, the impending opening of Cook in Rittenhouse Square, all the action at Talula’s Garden and the huge number of new breweries coming to the Best Beer Drinking City in America (that would be us), we think it’s been a very interesting week.

Here’s some of the things you might’ve missed while watching reruns of Air Jaws

Talula’s Garden–A Love Letter Trey Popp falls for the new Stephen Starr/Aimee Olexy collaboration
Shakeup At Talula’s Garden Things fall apart (a little) at the new Stephen Starr/Aimee Olexy collaboration
Your Brother is Your Keeper and Your Cook Parts One and Two of Trey Popp’s adventures in Indonesia
Donuts and Prostitutes Don’t (always) Mix So a cop walks into a donut shop in New Jersey…
?uestlove Hits The Big Time You know you’ve made it when you get a sushi roll named after you
A Brewery Bonanza A dozen new breweries coming to Philly
Celebrating Shark Week In (and Around) Philly SHARK WEEK!!!