Ophaso and Partner Out at Tyson Bees

Within the hour Tyson Bees posted this message to its Facebook page.

Hi Everyone, its been a pleasure serving all of you. It breaks our hearts to tell everyone that the Tyson Bees crew will no longer be operating the truck. Currently, the company is going through a transition. We are working on future plans and hope to see you soon. Thank you for all your support. We love you all and will keep you posted.

From all accounts Tyson Bees has been doing well at its corner of 33rd and Spruce and there was no sign that they wouldn’t be continuing on Thursday when they were serving up tacos, hot dogs and pork buns at the University City Night Market.

Owner Tyson Wong Ophaso has previously floated the idea of opening a Thai restaurant but that seemed to be on the back burner when we last discussed the project with him in early May.

UPDATE: Tyson Bees remains open but without Tyson Wong Ophaso and partner Cliff Asavadejpakdee in the truck. For today at least the menu remains the same. [Meal Ticket]

Tyson Bee’s Philly [Facebook]