Last Chance For Dinner At James

The news that James was closing has been making the rounds for some time now. But now, according to Grub Street Philly, a final night of service has been announced–and it’s soon.

Jim and Kristina Burke’s 8th Street house will be going dark for good following dinner on Saturday night, May 7. Which gives you precisely four more chances for dinner (including tonight) if you are so inclined. And these being the times that we live in, the announcement of the closure was made on the restaurant’s Facebook page. One interesting note? The update did mention that they were “excited for the next venture”–which, to me, means that they’ve already got something new working somewhere–or at least another trick up their sleeves.

No announcement yet as to what that might be. But Kristina Burke did tell The Insider that she and Jim are already looking at new spaces.