New Tasting Menus For Mica

Chip Roman already owns Tuesdays in Conshohocken with his Tuesday Tastings at Blackfish (four-course digressions on everything from soft-shell crab to foie gras, all for $45). And now it looks like he’s making a move on mid-week in Chestnut Hill with his just-announced schedule of Wednesday tastings at his new restaurant, Mica.

He’s launching the project next week on May 3, and looks to be kicking things off with a bang–making lobster his first featured ingredient and putting out four courses (one of them a dessert, sans shellfish) for the same price tag as the dinners in Conshy.

And yeah, we have a menu for you to drool over.


Thai Apple Salad, Truffle


Coddled Egg, Asparagus, Black Trumpet


Peas, Maitake Mushrooms, Miso

Manjari Chocolate

Tequila-Hibiscus, Coffee Crumbs, Cocoa Nibs Ice Cream

Roman has also released his schedule of upcoming tastings for the rest of May and the beginning of June and they include: Lamb (on the 11th), scallops (on the 18th), soft-shell crab (on the 25th) and an all-around shellfish board for June 1st. And just so you know, on the nights that he’s doing the tastings at Mica, that’s all he’ll be doing, with no regular menu being served.