Around the Web: Tyson Bees Edition

Tyson Bees’ super-slick-looking truck has been on the streets for a couple of months now and bloggers and food writers are taking note.

Lari Robling liked the steamed pork buns best but also praised the Korean barbecue short rib tacos and Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwich which fused the banh mi with the Mexican torta. [Daily News]

Philly Phoodie calls Tyson Bees the best food truck in Philadelphia and lavishes praise on everything he tries. [Philly Phoodie]

Drawing for Food has a food truck dream and Tyson Bees is living it. [Drawing for Food]

Find Tyson Bees at these locations:

  • Weekdays – 33rd and Spruce
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday late night – 2nd and Spring Garden
  • Saturday Day – Broad and Bainbridge

Tyson Bees is a mobile mash-up worth waiting in line for [Philadelphia Daily News]
Tyson Bees [Official Site]