Korean Tacos Around Town

Rick Nichols sets out to find the gold standard of the latest fusion craze, Korean tacos. He writes that the version done at Meritage still holds the crown but we have to admit, we’re particularly intrigued by Doma’s rendition.

Co-owner Patti Moon wasn’t sure about the sour cream-cheese thing on the marinated pork loin tacos, so she opted for a creamy jalapeno dressing touched with mayo and heavy cream. (“That’s the ‘cheese’ for us.”)

Under that she settled on a crunch of raw cabbage, carrots, and red onion in a fermented-chile vinaigrette, and a stripe of kim chi relish, making for one of the most carefully prepared, most tidily-presented Korean tacos in town.

In deference to its Mexican pedigree, she skewers a sleek lime wedge to the side of the tortilla – a jaunty sidecar and snappy salute.

The gold standard for Korean tacos [Philadelphia Inquirer]