Around the Web: Chutney Edition

The bloggers and Yelpers have raced to check out Philadelphia Chutney Co., the Southern Indian quick serve on Sansom Street.

Mac & Cheese has been patiently awaiting the opening of Philadelphia Chutney Co. for months. She went immediately and got her dosa fix and more. M&C has a extensive run down of the menu. [Mac & Cheese]

Philly Phoodie has some issues with service that one might expect from a new restaurant, but also good follow-up from the owner. [Philly Phoodie]

Yelp on Philadelphia Chutney

South Indian-fusion fast-foodery the Philadelphia Chutney Co. has only been open three weeks, but it’s already making a splash on Yelp Philly. In 13 reviews averaging four and one-half stars.

#11 and #13 dosas are earning early love on the all-vegetarian menu. Resident GF goddess Rachel G scores big and shares: dosas and uttapams are made with rice flour. Whee, gluten-free!

Elite Ashkay M provides the 101:“Dosas, a distant cousin to French crepes and Ethiopian injera, are primarily made of a mixture of rice and lentils… the batter is left to ferment overnight, then spread thinly over a hot pan glazed with either butter or traditional ghee. With different permutations to the ingredients and the way of spreading across the pan, a few varieties like Rava (semolina) and Uttapams can be made. They can be had as is or stuffed with things that you like to savor. There are still a bunch of kinks that need to be ironed out, but there is great promise about this place.”

Philadelphia Chutney Co. based on 13 reviews.