Preview American Blackboard

On Saturday, October 23rd diners will be able to preview Tim McGinnis’ American Blackboard. McGinnis who has been behind Spinal Tapas and Philly Kitchen Share will be teasing his upcoming restaurant’s menu at a Philly Kitchen Share. Johanna Rosen of West Philadelphia’s Mill Creek Farms will also be in attendance.

Dinner is $50 per person and includes a selection of wine. A portion of proceeds goes to Mill Creek Farms. Tickets to both seatings are available online.

Check out the menu of “lost American” food after the jump.


  • Warm rabbit rilettes, lavender, honey
  • Tasso ham, remoulade, pickled ramps
  • Country pÃ¥té, pickled fennel, dill
  • Duck prosciutto, fig mostarda, hazelnut oil

Cape May Salt Oysters
with green apple, seaweed, pickled cucumber

Hay-Roasted Carrots
cilantro walnut pesto, pecorino, nasturtium

Chorizo-oil Poached Black Bass
crispy skin, clams, hearty greens, persillade

Pear Cobbler with Ginger Ice Cream

Philly Kitchen Share [Official Site]