David Ansill Resurrecting His European BBQ

David Ansill’s take on a burger at Ladder 15

When David Ansill had his own restaurant one of the special events he did that was always highly regarded was his European Barbecue. Well he’s resurrecting the event on Tuesday, May 11th at Ladder 15.

There will be plates of roasted pig, spicy Portuguese sausage, grilled rabbit legs and as is Ansill’s wont, skewers of duck hearts and veal kidneys.

There will be a 6pm and 8:30pm seatings for the $60 per person dinner. The price also includes beers from Ommegang including their limited release Belgian-style Pale Ale, Witte, Hennepin, Rare Vos, Abbey Ale and Three Philosophers.

So all you foodies who lamented the demise of Ansill, call Ladder 15 for reservations, 215-964-9755.

Full menu after the jump.

1 large sharing plate for 2 people includes:

Roasted pig

Grilled skewer of duck or lamb hearts with veal kidneys and bacon

Grilled linguisa sausage

Braised and grilled rabbit leg

Braised oxtail on the bone

Served with three dipping sauces:

sweet and sour onion “agrodolce” with pine nuts and raisins, parsley-garlic puree and spicy olive oil

Grilled onions and marinated vegetables: mushrooms, cauliflower, carrots and peppers

Beers will include:


Belgian-style Pale Ale


Rare Vos

Abbey Ale

Three Philosophers (bottle)

Ladder 15 [Official Site]