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BINDI THALI TUESDAYS – menu for April 13

a thali (tah-LEE) is a round tray made up of a selection of different indian dishes

chettinad chicken

ginger-coconut milk curry, red chile, lime


red spice-yogurt roasted mahi

roasted shellfish-mushroom “rasam”


sarsoon-saag paneer

fresh indian cheese, local mutard greens, toasted cashew-spinach sauce

and (you will receive all of the following):

shaved cucumber and watermelon chaat

green onion, baby tomato, sprouted moong beans

early spring vegetable masala

asparagus, fava, yukon, curry-lime butter

wild and basmati rice pilaf

cashew, cardamom, golden raisin

cholar dal

yellow lentil, red chile, cinnamon, nigella

frizzled ginger raita

toasted cumin, yogurt, lemon

spring onion-peanut chutney

toasted sesame, cumin, coconut

plantain-green garlic paratha

hand rolled griddle bread, ghee, sea salt

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