Around the Web: New Spots


34th Street finds that Marc Vetri’s latest lives up to its hype and delivers a meal that will have your friends loving you for suggesting it. [34th Street]

The Beer Lass visited Amis last week and wound up rubbing elbows with Philadelphia chefs who are pumped the full menu is served till 1am. [Beer Lass]

Living on the Vedge hits Amis on a Sunday night and is a bit inundated by olive oil but offers tips for what to order next time. [Living on the Vedge]

Green Eggs Cafe

Drawing for Food is willing to overlook a few missteps when the spot is as clean and comfy as Green Eggs Cafe. [Drawing for Food]

The Beer Lass is even more enthusiastic about Green Eggs Cafe, calling it “perhaps South Philly’s best breakfast.” [Beer Lass]


Two Eat Philly visits Zavino and finds the best deal they’ve found in Philly. [Two Eat Philly]

Mac & Cheese can’t pick a winner between Zavino and Stella but that isn’t a bad thing. [Mac & Cheese]

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Shank’s Pier 40

After attending Wing Bowl XVIII Philly Phoodie gets a “perfect cheesesteak” at Shank’s Pier 40. [Philly Phoodie]

Paesano’s 9th Street

Two Eat Philly also managed to hit up Paesano’s at 9th and Christian. Although they found some quibbles, overwhelmed horseradish and over salting, but they’ll be back, parents in tow. [Two Eat Philly]


Craig LaBan enjoys goon sarong, large shrimp wrapped in crispy fried egg noodles and served with a sweet and spicy dip. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Maru Global

Mac & Cheese got to attend a focus group at Maru Global to sample the vegan versions of takoyaki as well as the rest of the menu. [Mac & Cheese]


FoodADelphia was a bit wary about sampling the Asian fusion at Sampan but comes away full and eager to return. [FoodADelphia]