Getting Local

In December Bryan Kolesar of The Brew Lounge asked for some words looking back at 2009 and forward to 2010 in beer. In remarking about what is sure to be a competitive year for taps in the Philadelphia area I suggested it might be time for a “Drink Local” campaign. TJ’s Restaurant & Drinkery in Paoli saw the post and has taken it to heart.

Jeff Miller of TJ’s has dedicated a section of his chalkboard, web site and tap space to the region’s breweries to showcase their freshest beers. So far the plan has worked well as the first sixtels have already been depleted and replaced. 35 sixtels from local brewers are now on hand and at the rate they are going, those will be gone by February.

TJ’s Embraces Drink Local Concept [Beer Yard via Jack Curtin’s Liquid Diet]
TJ’s Restaurant & Drinkery [Official Site]