Good, Cheap Sushi On Sansom

In Craig LaBan’s chat today Craig goes LaBananas about Sakana and the good sushi it is turning out at 1526 Sansom Street. The sushi chef comes from Genji and LaBan can’t get enough.

We had an EXcellent spicy scallop roll (could really taste the scallop meat, and the spicy sauce had zing), the triplet tuna roll brought a pink maguro, escolar “white tuna”, and lightly torched albacore into a very well-built, not overly large roll. I loved the tsubugai, which is sort of like giant clam, with a good crunchy snap, but it’s not as fishy, with a lemony finish. Also, the madai Japanese snappe was sublime, nicely trimmed at a bias, with the lacy gray grid of its skin ribboned down the side. Quality fo the fish was excellent.

The spot opened a couple months ago and is offering 15% off for the rest of September. They also offer free delivery.

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