You Following All This?

Things change quickly in Philadelphia’s restaurant scene. Perhaps some inner monologue can help you follow along.

We: Daniel Stern is opening a new restaurant.

Us: Yeah, Rae in Two Liberty Place.

We: No, not Rae.

Us: No? Rae isn’t happening?

We: It’s happening but won’t be called Rae. It will be R2L. We’re talking about a different restaurant.

Us: Oh yeah, the casual restaurant set to replace Rae at Cira Centre.

We: Nope, not that. That doesn’t seem to be happening. The space is being shopped.

Us: Hmm. Interesting. So what’s this other restaurant?

We: It’s going in the Science Center at 3711 Market Street.

Us: Oh, odd. A restaurant in a science center. Don’t know what to make of that.

We: Yep, Michael Klein says it will be called MidAtlantic. And you have to check out the description of it. “Culinary roots of the mid-Atlantic region.”

Us: What does that mean?

We: No idea. Guess we’ll have to wait to early Fall to find out.

Us: We’re looking forward to it.

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