Feury’s Fork Delivers

56% of you guessed Craig LaBan would give the Terence Feury manned kitchen at Fork 3-bells. But did you know it would be the exotic lamb belly confit that would have him crowing loudest?

For adventure diners, though, Feury’s lamb belly confit is one the city’s new must-taste plates. Cured two weeks in garlic, salt and rosemary, then slow-poached in lamb fat and olive oil, the finished product is an encounter with the ultimate savory mille-feuille. Its myriad layers of roasty-edged, gamey meat and buttery molten fat dissolve on the tongue as the absolute essence of lamb. Add a pickled fan of sliced lamb’s tongue, grilled artichokes, and glossy dabs of black olive jus, and you have a Mediterranean lamb epic on a plate.

Three Bells – Excellent

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