That Sly Fox

Craig LaBan has been loving his Yards Brawler recently but in last Sunday’s paper he had lots of nice things to say about Sly Fox and how well it pairs with Han Dynasty’s spicy fare. 

He also informs us that on Tuesdays, all growlers can be filled for just $6 at Sly Fox’s Royersford location. 

Sly Fox is also going to be featured at an Alison two (just across from the R5’s Fort Washington station) beer dinner on Wednesday, May 6th. The 5-course meal will pair beers from Sly Fox and the cost is an all inclusive $56 per person. 

Call Alison two at 215-591-0200 for tickets.

Check out the menu after  the jump.

Frito Misto, Butter Ponzu, Cod, Sawagani Crabs & Broccoli Bites with Robiola
with Royal Weisse


Hanger Steak Tartare, Rye Ice Cream, Green Apple
with Christmas Ale

Ricotta Gnocchi & Mussels Gratin, Smoked Tomatoes Ras El Hanout
with Rt. 113 IPA

Fried Pork Cheeks, Brussels Sprouts Choucroute with O’Reilly’s Stout BBQ Sauce
with O’Reilly’s Stout

Bittersweet Chocolate Layer Cake, Chocolate Sorbet
with Ichor, a quadruple Abbey-style ale

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