A local blog recently wrote about their experience at a local bar and it just doesn’t quite jive with how we would describe it

Check out the terms used to describe the place and see if you can guess what bar it is.

  • misleadingly shabby exterior
  • realm cut directly from a Pink Floyd album cover
  • The atmosphere? Psychedelic. The color? Purple Haze.
  • don’t let the trippy atmosphere fool you.
  • hippie haven
  • bar screams “cool” as fiercely as a Bob Dylan record.
  • sure to please the flower child in all of us.
  • it vaguely resembles the background from the original Whose Line is it Anyway? set.

Answer after the jump. 

The bar being described is G-Ho’s Grace Tavern. 

A Little Bit of Saving Grace [Philadelphia Exbeeriment]