Vetri Vex

Marc Vetri is featured in the April issue of Philadelphia Magazine and it’s a long article. Fortunately, Philly Mag broke out the restaurant news for us online.

Real Estate developer Eric Blumenfeld, who succeeded in getting Vetri to open Osteria on North Broad, is hoping to recapture the magic in the Marine Club at the corner of Broad and Washington.

Also on the to-do list is “a real Italian coffee place.” This would have a liquor license, pastries and of course coffee.

This dovetails into an interesting story we heard recently of Vetri being spotted with tape measure in hand at QV bistro Coquette. The official story from the Vetri camp is that Vetri and Coquette owner Cary Neff are good friends and Vetri is lending a hand with ‘spacing concerns.’ But at the end of the day we’re a blog and we love to ponder the backstory behind these juicy tidbits. What kind of ‘spacing concerns’ might Vetri be helping out with??

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