Quick Bites

S & H Kebab House will open with complimentary dinner for everyone on Tuesday, February 10th. [Meal Ticket]

Mantra is dropping the pan-Asian pub theme and is being reborn as Bar Amalfi, an Italian take. [The Insider]

Wit or Witout, witout question a great name for a steak shop. It’s open at Frankford and Cottman for all you steak, cheesesteak, cheesesteak hoagie, pizza steak needs. [Feeding Frenzy, City Paper]

Strongbox is aiming to replace Monkey Bar in late February. Brett Perloff’s spot has a Facebook page already and we’re all very excited to hear about the first injury caused by the ladder only accesible DJ booth. [Meal Ticket]

The attractive Cresheim Cottage Cafe in Mt. Airy has closed. Germantown Ave construction and the economy are to blame. [Table Talk, Philadelphia Inquirer]