Earth, Bread + Brews

Craig LaBan knows there isn’t a much better combination than pizza and beer and he makes his way out to Earth Bread + Brewery to sample Tom Baker’s  experimental brews and thin crisp pizzas.

There are definitely some choices worth visiting for, including the “Traditional” take on a Margherita, its zesty sauce topped with mozzarella and fresh arugula tufted in the middle. The Mexican adds a jalapeño- and smoked-paprika tingle to the tomato sauce, which also gets the pop of roasted black beans and corn. But the most memorable bread here is the “Seed,” a sauceless cheese round scattered with enough crunchies – sesame, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, and garlic (whoa, lots of garlic!) – to make a Weaver’s Way bulk-bin groupie go weak in the knees.

Two Bells – Very Good

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