Azul Is Blue

Adam Erace finds Washington Square West’s Azul Cantina a suitable place to get liquored up but the food makes him blue.

Tossed with shriveled segments of orange and grapefruit, the citrus-and-jicama salsa is an oddly dry, oddly flat bowl of tropical mulch attacked by sloppy knife work. The amateurish tostadas topped with spoonfuls of peppy chipotle goat cheese and wilted cilantro were something out of a Voorhees housewife’s Cinco de Mayo party. Flank steak is badly overcooked twice. Perky salsa verde makes an attempt to moisturize the meat in some tacos, while the beef tucked between soft square buns in the torta sliders taste like lumps of charcoal. Like a room-temperature shot of Cuervo, they do not go down easy.

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