Quick Bites

The Peacock on the Parkway is getting a new name and concept. The folk behind Uzu are branding the spot Kujaku, Japanese for peacock. When they open early next week the Kobe burger will be $5 off for a limited time. [Feeding Frenzy, City Paper]

Hadar Nisimi of Aden fame is set to resurface with a new restaurant on North 2nd featuring Mediterranean, French and Greek cuisine. [Food & Drinq]

Kristian Leuzzi whose family is behind Kristian’s at 11th and Federal is overhauling the old Passyunk Tavern at Passyunk and Moore. Stogey Joe’s will be the name of the bar that still aims to be a neighborhood place. [Feeding Frenzy, City Paper]

Looks like Konstantinos Pitsilliades of the former Mezze is going to be opening a Washington West BYOB at 10th and Spruce. The concept will be an “amalgam of Greek, Turkish, French and Italian.” [Food & Drinq]

Sawdust Report: We got a quick glance inside the expansion area of Tinto where work is progressing. The wine rack lattice work is partially up. The expanded area is expected to open in February. And the biggest sign of progress to date at the Brazilian Chima on JFK Boulevard has been spotted where they’ve taken some jackhammers to the East German inspired facade of the Kennedy House to create a new entranceway.