Dock Street Brewery & Restaurant

Dock Street Pizza
Elisa Ludwig visits Dock Street Brewery & Restaurant on Baltimore Avenue and the fish and chips, beers and some of the pizzas to be the most worth trying.

It should be noted that Dock Street’s pizza is not a thin-crust affair — the house dough is golden brown, puffy and nearly pillowy in texture with a nice toothsome pull. The Flammenkuche, an Alsatian dream of layered gruyere, crème fraîche, applewood smoked bacon slivers and caramelized onion is pure decadence on a peel. Another winner is the Barbecued Chicken, which substitutes tangy sauce for tomato while blanketing its red onion slivers and wood-grilled slices of chicken with familiar, comforting melted mozzarella. Less convincing is the brie, pear and walnut pizza, which would be better on a flatbread with judicious amounts of cheese. Here, the brie ends up drowning out the crunchier elements in a molten mass of bland greasiness.

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