Catching Up With Stephen Starr


A. D. Amorosi catches up with Stephen Starr after Starr returned from Los Angeles. Among the highlights:

  • Not one but two spots in the Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City. The first is Teplitzky’s, “a groovey coffee shop.” The second, Chelsea Prime, a 40s themed steak house.
  • Parc, a French bistro set for a spring opening at the Parc Rittenhouse.
  • A Mexican competitor to Jose Garces’ Chilango in the fall of ’08.
  • And at 706 Chestnut, the late L’Ange Bleu and Angelina, Starr is planning a gastropub with a focus on classic cocktails. Upstairs will be transformed into a four-suite hotel.

A Starr Is (Re)Born [City Paper]